The general goal of the Project is an improvement in competitiveness of Polish economy by provision of innovative solutions based on the research within the range of technological and chemical sciences realized by the Faculty of New Technologies and Chemistry (WTC), Military University of Technology (WAT).

The Project's realization will enable intensification of the conducted research which is oriented towards meeting the demands of the economy as well as will enhance the supply of new technological solutions, resulting in simultaneous modernization of the scientific infrastructure and improvement in competitiveness of the economy on the international arena. The direct goal of the Project is the implementation of new, technologically advanced materials and technologies based on the research and development projects within the area of photonics supported by the back-up facilities and the accumulated expertise of the Military Academy of Technology and creation of demand for innovative technologies and photonic materials. The project is developmental in its character and is oriented towards direct implementing of the results of the research in the technologically advanced branches of the economy. It provides for a legal protection for R&D results and their commercialization and spread. The Project's realization will be possible under condition of meeting the following requirements:

  • financial support of the scientific institution,
  • engagement of the scientific staff, postgraduates and students,
  • creation of new positions (R&D),
  • purchase of a variety of scientific equipment,

as well as achievement of the following results:

  • implementation of new technologies,
  • inventions submitted to the patent protection,
  • commercialized R&D results obtained in the scientific institution,
  • new, permanent jobs and research positions,
  • cooperation of the scientific institutions with entrepreneurs (also the formalized one),
  • new publications concerning the research,
  • purchasers of the projects' results.

Realization of the project in the planned measure will result in enhancement of new technological solutions indispensable to strengthen our economy and to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise and the general social development.